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Alec Rasmussen
. I run on optimism and curiosity, part intellectual and part vagabond. This is what I do:


I build applications for the web and for mobile devices. I work with Oak Adaptive, a software development company, to create custom enterprise solutions. I like using Python, Javascript and Swift. I also really dig Docker, Nginx and GitHub.


I've co-founded two startups, including a production company specializing in branded digital video content and an international concert promotion company. I am also a level III candidate for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.


I am an artist, producer and audio engineer with a decade of experience using Pro Tools. I deliver audio for film and commercial, including score, sound design, production audio, post-production supervision and more. I'm also a singer/songwriter and guitarist.


I explore the intersection of science and art in the pursuit of novelty and beauty. I seek to empower others, taking complex ideas and making them simple and intuitive. I have recently built a working prototype of an invention that I can't wait to share with you soon.

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